Giving Tuesday FAQ

Thank you for using FundEasy for Giving Tuesday. Here are some tips to help you manage your event.


  • If you're using FundEasy for a Giving Tuesday fundraiser, please make sure that you are using old Ministry Sync for setup. To return to old Ministry Sync from the beta, click your logo in the right corner and choose Return to old Ministry Sync.
  • Download the setup instructions.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you set up both the FundEasy #GivingTuesday campaign AND you register your center as a fundraiser. You need this 2nd page for donors to be able to make donations.
    • New: To make things a little easier, we've added a new FundEasy Preference on the Page Options tab that will allow you to redirect your Give button on your Event Web Page to either the donate form on your participant page or to the participant page itself. This redirect only works if you have just one FundEasy page in your event. So, now you can promote either your Event Web Page or your FundEasy Giving Tuesday page.
  • Your event date will show as 11/29/2017. This is because your fundraising deadline ends at midnight on the 29th.
  • The usual service fees for your FundEasy campaign have been waived. Processing fees are still charged, but with WePay, your donors have the option of paying the processing fees for you.
  • You can manage donors from either the beta or from old Ministry Sync.
    • Online donations will automatically be listed in the Column Browser.
      • In old Ministry Sync, click Registration Manager tab and the name of your event. This will automatically take you to the Column Browser.
      • In the beta, click the green Column Browser icon Column Browserin the left navigation menu.
    • Offline donations can be added from the Register pulldown in the upper right hand corner in old Ministry Sync or from the Register icon in the lower left corner of the beta.
    • Clicking their payment status in the bottom of the Column Browser opens their profile transaction screen, where you can View and Refund their payment, or record an offline payment.
    • Clicking their name on the bottom of the Column Browser opens their profile, where there name and contact information is stored.
Payments and reporting
  • Payments for Giving Tuesday are processed through Here's where you can access settlement reports (deposit reports) for your WePay account.
    • From their website or from your WePay Dashboard in the beta
    • From WePay Transactions in Reports & Exports in the beta
    • Or from Easy Reports in old Ministry Sync.

More information:

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