Set FundEasy event closing date and time

When it comes to closing your event, there are 2 separate dates you'll deal with. First is event registration, when people can register to attend your event. You can close your event registration by clicking the green dot next to the name of your event in the event list. If you don't close registration, your event will automatically close after your event date. This does not affect your participant's fundraising pages, which stay open for 30 days after your event is over. Your event does not need to be open for your fundraiser pages to stay open.

The second date is the Fundraising Goal Deadline. You can set this date and time your FundEasy fundraising pages will show the notice "The event is over, but there is still a chance to give" from Event Information. 

Participants can still raise funds, but their pages will say that the event is over. Set your Default Goal Deadline by following these steps:

  1. From your Event Information link, click on Edit Details
  2. Scroll down to the FundEasy Pages section 
  3. Set the date and time in the Default Goal Deadline box (notice that the time is Central Time). This is usually set for the start of the day of your event. If you want this notice to appear after the day of your event, change the Default Goal Deadline time to the end of that day.

  4. Your participants' pages will show the event is over, but people may still give for at least one month after your event date.
Updated 5/10/17

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