Test your templates

Before testing your templates make sure your event is open. Next to the name of your event in the Upcoming Events list, the colored dot needs to be green. If it is red or yellow, click the dot until it changes to green.

Testing Registration using the Invite tool.

The Invitation Email template is what your guests will see when you send them an electronic invitation to your event. Through this email, they will have the opportunity to say "Yes, I will attend your event", and then proceed to register themselves for the event.

  1. Click Invite in the dark blue bar underneath the Registration Manager tab.
  2. Enter your email address in the first text box. Feel free to also invite a friend, your spouse, or anyone else who can assist you during this testing process.
  3. Enter text in the Add a personalized note area. Change the font, font size, color, and other attributes if you wish to experiment with these items.
  4. If you would like to be notified when your guests respond to your invitation email, check the Email me when my guests register checkbox.
  5. Click the [ Preview ] link at any time to see how your invitation email looks.
  6. Click Send Invitations.
  7. Please allow several minutes for delivery, then check your email.

Registration Form is the template that your guests will use when they register for your event. To test this, you can register yourself for your event (you can cancel your registration once you finish testing).

After you have received the invitation that you emailed to yourself in the previous steps, you can register yourself for your event.
  1. In the email you just received, click the Accept button and the Registration Form template will load.
  2. Complete the registration form by entering all of the requested information. (Typically, bold fields are required, and the form states this.)
  3. To test the Host Information Email in an AttendEasy event (below), be sure to check the box that says Yes, I would like to be a Table Host.
  4. Thoroughly test the Registration Form by omitting some pieces of information, and clicking the Finished button. The form should not allow you to submit it if required fields have been left out. Try to fill out the form as if you were a "normal" registrant, and try to act as they would.

You will receive the
Confirmation Email after you have completed the registration process in the steps above. It will be typically be titled Thanks for registering for the [your event name]

Look this email over when you receive it and check for errors. The email will contain all or most of the information that you entered into the Registration Form, plus details about your event (date, time, place, etc.) that were entered into your Event Details. Please be sure that all of the information in this email is correct.

Once your tests are completed, you can cancel your test registrations.

AttendEasy Only:

If you registered as a host, you will also receive the
Host Information Email. This email contains instructions for how to manage your table online. This email will typically be titled Table Host Information: [your event name] and will contain a link called Manage My Guest List.

Clicking Manage My Guest List will give you access to your online Guest List Manager, where you can invite guests, cancel guests, send emails, and more.

Your table hosts will need to keep this email so they have access to manage their group.

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