Using eKYROS with Ministry Sync offers online giving integration for Ministry Sync users through CenterPiece. This gives your organization the ability import your Ministry Sync registrations into CenterPiece directly into your donor files. 

Access to the online giving connector is available through Centerpiece, not through your Ministry Sync account. You don't need the API information to set up CenterPiece. You'll log in with your Ministry Sync username and password from inside CenterPiece.

In AttendEasy, the Connector will import your your AttendEasy registrations. If your event has a registration fee it will import them too. Record any donations that were received at your event in your eKYROS records after importing the registrations.

In FundEasy, the connector will import your registrations and any sponsorships.

Here is their  video on how to post donations using the Connector: 

Please contact your eKYROS account manager if you need assistance setting up your Centerpiece Connector with Ministry Sync.

Updated: 03/13/17

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