Create or join a FundEasy Team

Participants can create or join teams in several ways.
  • From the team list pulldown on the Registration form they can choose an existing team or create a new one.

  • From the the My Team tab of their FundEasy Page. Settings for teams can be found in your FundEasy Preferences.

  • Administrators can assign participants from the Teams section of the Viewing Options.
    1. Just click the checkbox next to the name of the team and the list of Walkers not on a team

    2. Click the checkbox next to the person's name then click the name of the team (in this case, Sandy's Team)

    3. The participant will be moved to the team.
    4. To remove someone from a team, move them back to Walkers Not on a Team.
  • To create a new team from the Viewing Options, click the icon showing 3 people and a plus sign and name the team.
  • To make someone a Team Captain, click on the blue up-pointing arrow next to their name. Click the down-pointing arrow to demote them.

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