Save the Date

You can modify the Invitation Email to be a save the date and email your previous guests right from your event.

Note: we've removed the Reset Default Template link in older templates. If you're using an event with older templates, follow these steps before you make your changes to your Invitation template:
  • Click the </> icon in the invitation toolbar
  • Copy all the code, and paste as plain text in another software. 
  • Make the changes below.
  • When you are finished sending your Save the Date, can paste your saved code back in the </> section.
  1. Set up your event as usual with the new graphics and details
  2. Click Template Setup-> Invitation Email
  3. Modify the template with your save the date information
  4. Don't forget to change the Email Title and Subject line
  5. Save your template and then follow these steps to send the email to your previous guests.
  6. Once you have sent your save the date, return to the template and click the link to Restore Default Page

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