Editing Meal Choices

We made editing meal choices easy. Instead of editing choices in the person profile, it's now done in Search/Reports.
  • Click on Search in the dark blue menu bar
  • Click Add/Remove Columns (under the Go button)
  • Scroll to the Registration Information section and click the checkboxe for Meal Choice. If you collected information on Dietary Restrictions, choose that as well.

  • You won't need individual options for each spouse or for other people's meals. One meal choice checkbox will bring in all the choices for all your registrants.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click continue.
On the next page you'll see the search results, updated with the meal options.
  • To edit them, simply mouse over and click the yellow field. 
  • The meal selection pulldown will appear. 
  • Make your selection. It will save automatically.
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