How Do I Link My Website To My Event?

You can find the link to your event web page in the white box on the Event Details / Event Information page. You can also find the link in Template Setup>How to Link Your Website.

Once your event is created and set up, you should post a link on your website so people can access your event's registration form. On print information, direct them to your own website where they can click the link to your event. 

We don't have a website. What now?

We recommend for customers who do not have a website to purchase a domain, then to frame forward to the event-specific URL we provide. A site we recommend for purchasing the URL is Domains from this site cost $10.99. 

You will be forwarding to the URL provided by Ministry Sync as your Event Webpage. This will keep the domain name in the URL but redirects to your event page. These settings can be configured from your domain control panel.  This video from shows you how to configure it from their site. Other domains may vary. No matter what domain you use, make sure to use https and not http or it will not redirect correctly.

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