Participant's daily updates aren't posting on Facebook

If participant's posts or shares are not posting to Facebook, they may not have given the app permission to post. Here's how to explain to them how to make sure that their page has that permission:

  • Log into your FundEasy page, go to Profile Settings, and make sure that you have Facebook sharing enabled
  • Make sure that the username showing in the Connected using section is your Facebook username. If it is not, click not you to log out of that username and log into the correct one
  • When you have logged in, click Finish and Return
  • If you continue having problems, go to Facebook and check the app in Facebook settings to make sure that it has permission to post. Click the caret on Facebook and go to Settings>Apps>FundEasy. It should show sections for visibility, profile, email, and this app can post. 
  • If it does not show permission to post, you'll need to remove the app to reconnect the FundEasy app to Facebook. Here's a link to an article from Facebook on how to remove apps.  
  • Once you've removed the FundEasy app from Facebook, you'll need to go back into your FundEasy page's Profile Settings to turn on Facebook sharing again. Make sure that you give the app permission to post when asked. After that, you should be all set. 

Note: if you logged in with Facebook, it will remove that permission as well. You can still login with Facebook

  • From your FundEasy page, click Log In
  • Choose the login with Facebook option and log in.
  • Once you are logged into FundEasy, go to Profile Settings
  • Enable Facebook Sharing 
  • You'll be asked to login to Facebook again AND you'll be asked for permission to post to your page.
Updated 7/14/16

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