Your FundEasy registrants

When someone registers for your event, they will show in the Column Browser.  You'll find the tools that you need to manage your registrants here. To make it easier to find the person you're looking for, take a moment to understand how to sort the Column Browser.

Sort registrants on the top of the page by their registration kind (liaison, walker, sponsor). 

  1. Click a Liaison and you'll only see that liaison, their walkers, and their sponsors.

    Check Liaisons
  2. Click a Walker and you'll only see that walker and their sponsors

    Check WalkersSorting from the top of the Column Browser makes it much easier to find the right person on the bottom.
Use the pulldown in the middle of the column browser to choose who shows on the bottom of the page: Show Liaisons, Walkers, or Sponsors.

Show sponsors below
Once you've made that selection, you can use the buttons to:
Select people on the bottom of the page to record payments and open profiles

Bottom of the column browserThis video covers how to sort the Column Browser in FundEasy:

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updated 7.19.16

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