Declines, Returns, and Chargebacks

This article covers declines, returns, and chargebacks with Stewardship Technologies. If you're using WePay as your processor, you'll find that information here.

Declined credit cards don't complete the registration, so they won't show in your event. Your donor may get a error code of 005 when they are trying to make a donation. That is the code for "do not honor.". They should contact their credit card company for more information.

Returned ACH debits from checking or savings show paid, but if the funds aren't there when it's presented, you'll get an email and you'll see the return in the deposit report. Unfortunately, the payment status in your event will not update. Follow the instructions below to manually refund the return and add a new transaction. You'll need to follow up with the donor for payment.

Unfortunately, chargebacks aren't reported at all in Ministry Sync. We rely on the emails from the processor that let us know know when something's not been charged back or disputed. When you get a chargeback notification, you'll need to manually refund the donation and then contact the donor.

Manually refunding and adding a new transaction:
  1. Click the dollar sign to open the Profile Transactions screen
  2. Click the refund button 
  3. Click process manually and complete the form.
  4. Click process
  5. This will remove both the original transaction and the payment, so you'll need to click Add New Transaction to record the new, unpaid transaction.
  6. When she sends in the new payment, you can record it as paid as usual.

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