What's changed - #changelog

Updates to FundEasy
  • FundEasy has been redesigned from the ground up to be Mobile-ready.  Everything you could do on the desktop last year is now possible on any device -- no app install required.
  • Event Webpage has redesigned for all devices.
  • Registration has been redesigned for all devices.
  • Donation process has been redesigned for all devices.
  • FundEasy page manage has been redesigned for all devices -- this includes, but is not limited to: creating a team, joining a team, customizing your page, publishing Updates and much more!
  • "Full Site" link is gone!  The FundEasy site now works on everything!
  • New: Sign in is now available everywhere -- including FundEasy.com.
  • New: As requested, when users sign-in, FundEasy is now a lot smarter to getting that user to their own FundEasy page.
  • Improved: Search is much faster and smarter in finding more exact matches.
  • Improved: Photos uploaded from mobile devices now have the correct orientation. Up is up, down is down. :)
  • Improved: All of the username issues that existed in 2015 are now a thing of the past! FundEasy is a now a lot smaller about using the same username to manage multiple pages. 
  • Improved security: New Google nocaptcha reCAPTCHA keeps bots off the site and makes your donation more secure. For more information, see: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/
  • Improved: FundEasy is now compatible with Retina screens!  In order to do this, we needed to change the size of the FundEasy banners to 2056px X 514px.  If your banner seems fuzzy, you can fix this problem by re-uploading a banner with the correct resolution (2056px X 514px).
  • Participate buttons on your FundEasy Event Web Page now match your theme colors.
  • Lots of little minor fixes that will make the experience of FundEasy better than ever!

Updates to AttendEasy
  • Improved: Duplicate checker refinements made.
  • Public Registration form restyled for mobile -- Making AttendEasy mobile will be coming later in the year, so hang tight!

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