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  1. %RegCompleteInstructions% shows in templates

  2. Add Donor ID numbers for WayCool or other databases

  3. Add event sponsors

  4. Add waiver text to my FundEasy registration form

  5. Add, Edit or Delete a church

  6. Adding a transaction in AttendEasy

  7. Adding a transaction in FundEasy

  8. Adding Event Sponsor gifts to your FundEasy event total

  9. Adding Event Sponsors with no Logo

  10. Adding Meal Choices

  11. Adding single-spaced text

  12. An Internal Error has occurred message

  13. Assign groups to tables

  14. Attend Easy Basics

  15. Attendance in FundEasy

  16. AttendEasy Event Quick Reference

  17. AttendEasy Groups and Hosts

  18. Banner sizes

  19. Browser Alerts Won't Appear Anymore

  20. Can I change the "From" email or Subject on my Invitations?

  21. Can I see if emails have been sent?

  22. Cancel a registration or sponsor in FundEasy

  23. Canceling guest or host registrations in AttendEasy

  24. Change Facebook, Twitter, or email sharing options

  25. Change my logo

  26. Change the bank account or frequency our deposits

  27. Changing the amount of a sponsorship in FundEasy

  28. Changing the Organization name in Emails

  29. Clearing Individual Cookies

  30. Clearing your Facebook cache

  31. Colors on my name tag image are wrong

  32. Combining participant pages (Reassign)

  33. Contact information and event details

  34. Copy a name tag template

  35. Create a new event

  36. Create or join a FundEasy Team

  37. Create, edit, or delete a Ministry Sync user account

  38. Creating a PDF Sponsor List for past walkers

  39. Creating name tags

  40. Creating Your Table Chart

  41. Customize a name tag template

  42. Declines, Returns, and Chargebacks

  43. Does FundEasy send receipts to sponsors?

  44. Duplicate Checking

  45. Easy Reports

  46. Edit Invoice Descriptions

  47. Edit the Table Chart

  48. Editing Meal Choices

  49. Editing profile information

  50. Editing profile notes

  51. Emails from Ministry Sync are not showing up in Gmail

  52. Event Banners

  53. Existing Customer? Need Help?

  54. Export / Import into Waycool

  55. Export Data

  56. Facebook Tips

  57. FundEasy Event Quick Reference

  58. FundEasy Participant FAQ

  59. FundEasy Teams and Captains

  60. Getting Started with AttendEasy

  61. Getting Started with FundEasy

  62. Handling donations not for specific walkers in FundEasy

  63. How do hosts manage more than one table?

  64. How do I create blank name tags

  65. How Do I Link My Website To My Event?

  66. How do I Send Invitations?

  67. How to Practice Live Attendance

  68. I can't log into Ministry Sync

  69. I don't have a link for Template Setup

  70. Import Email Addresses into Invite

  71. Invite a past guest to this year's event

  72. Layouts

  73. Liaisons or Teams?

  74. Linking your event to your website

  75. Live Attendance FAQ

  76. Live Attendance iPad App videos

  77. Live Check-In (Old Barcode Scanners)

  78. Meal report

  79. Merged cells need to be the same size

  80. Moving groups on the table chart

  81. Moving registrants to groups or teams

  82. My event is closed. How do I open it to go live?

  83. Name tags are not printing correctly

  84. Not using Live Attendance?

  85. Nothing happens when I click "not paid."

  86. Nothing happens when I click Preview or Create Labels

  87. Nothing happens when I click Register Sponsor

  88. Open or close my event

  89. Ordering custom banners

  90. Participant's daily updates aren't posting on Facebook

  91. Preview your templates

  92. Print invoices and receipts from FundEasy

  93. Printing your table chart

  94. Recording Offline Donations in FundEasy

  95. Recording Payments in AttendEasy

  96. Recording payments in FundEasy

  97. Recover FundEasy Login

  98. Refunding a transaction in AttendEasy

  99. Refunding payments in FundEasy

  100. Register participants, liaisons, and add sponsors in FundEasy

  101. Registering guests and hosts in Attend Easy

  102. Reports for the night of your event

  103. Resend the Host Manager Email

  104. Save the Date

  105. Searching and reporting

  106. Seat requests

  107. Security warnings when logging into Ministry Sync

  108. Send an email to past guests

  109. Send email

  110. Set FundEasy event closing date and time

  111. Setting FundEasy Preferences

  112. Setting up Live Attendance

  113. Sharing your event on your Organization's Facebook Page

  114. Smart Groups

  115. Tell me more about Live Attendance

  116. Test your templates

  117. Tracking Invited Members in AttendEasy

  118. Turn off headers and footers in invoices and receipts in FundEasy

  119. User access levels

  120. Using colors on the table chart

  121. Using eKYROS with Ministry Sync

  122. Using folders

  123. Using Private Browsing

  124. Using the Guest List Manager (Host Information)

  125. Using the new text editor

  126. What does "Not from Ministry Sync" mean?

  127. What is the fake email address to use in a required email field?

  128. What's changed - #changelog

  129. Where are my deposits?

  130. Where to see your Live Attendance data

  131. Why are there duplicates in my report?

  132. Why do I have a bunch of Overflow tables?

  133. You are not logged in correctly error

  134. Your AttendEasy registrants

  135. Your FundEasy registrants

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