Add your event (corporate) sponsors' logos on every Event Web Page and confirmation email and on every participant page in FundEasy. We keep track of all the data on views and clicks in your Event Summary report so you can show your corporate event sponsors how they're receiving a solid return on their investment. You can also include your Event (Corporate) Sponsors' giving in the fundraising total on FundEasy.

  1. Choose Event (Corporate) Sponsors in the Event Tools menu on the left and then click Add Event (Corporate) Sponsor. 
  2. Add Sponsor's name
  3. Upload their logo. Please be sure this is not a transparent image, otherwise the logo will have a black background. Sponsors without a logo will not appear on the web pages. If your sponsor doesn't have a logo, you can create one using any image editing software.
  4. Event (Corporate) Sponsor logos can be dragged to reposition their order. We do not have tiers or levels at this time.

Add Event Sponsors

Add Event Sponsor gifts to your FundEasy event total
If you'd like to include your Event (Corporate) Sponsors in your FundEasy event total, you can do that from FundEasy Web & Email Templates > Event Web Page > Edit Page Settings. 
  1. Go to Event Setup in the Event Tools menu
  2. Click FundEasy Preferences
  3. Scroll to the Event Web Page section
  4. Click the checkbox to include event sponsorships in total amount raised