Setting up your Campaign

How do I create my Crowdfunding campaign?

  • Click the FundEasy logo in the top left corner. Then click the Add Event button and choose the Crowdfunding option. It takes just a few minutes to get started.
  • On the next page, you'll fill in the details for your campaign.

Can I edit my campaign after I've created it? Yes. Use the gear icon in the left column to get back to the Campaign Details and settings, including:

  • Campaign Name
  • Contact Information
  • Goal - this is a required field so the Fundmeter will show on your campaign webpage and the graphs on the Dashboard will show your totals.
  • Starting balance - any offline donations you've received before or during your campaign. 
  • Twitter hashtag
  • Banner and Colors (we've preloaded banner selections for you)
  • Donation levels and donor information collected on the payment form.
  • Platform fee preferences
  • TaxID and Tax Receipt language

When will my Crowdfunding campaign start and end?

  • The Campaign Date is the date that your campaign will end.
  • Your campaign will begin immediately unless you choose the "On" option and select a different date and time in the Fundraising Start Date field.

Can I change the date of my GivingTuesday or Year-End campaign? 

  • Yes. You can set the campaign end date in the event details. Otherwise, by default Giving Tuesday campaigns end December 1 (at midnight in your timezone). Year-End Campaigns end on December 31 (at midnight in your timezone). You can change this to a different date if you'd like.
  • If desired, you can easily transition your #GivingTuesday page to a Year-End  Campaign:
    • Create both a #GivingTuesday Campaign and a Year-End Campaign.
    • Copy the URL for the Year-End campaign from the address bar in your browser and paste it in the #GivingTuesday campaign's Campaign Details in the field labeled "After this campaign is over, redirect people to the following donation page." This will redirect any new donations to the Year-End Campaign after the #GivingTuesday campaign ends.
    • If you'd like to carry over the amount raised to your Year-End Campaign, add the #GivingTuesday total to the Starting Balance in your Year-End Campaign.

Why do I have to choose my time zone? To make sure your campaign's start and end time is consistent with your organization's time zone, we have you choose your time zone during setup.

I don't see a Facebook banner. Do I still need one? All campaigns should have a Facebook banner so posts on Facebook look good. We created a Facebook-sized version of the default banners for Giving Tuesday and Year End Campaigns. When you choose a banner design, we'll use the coordinating Facebook banner. You'll need to provide a custom One-time campaigns; one won't be provided for you.

I want to create my own banner. What are the banner sizes?

  • Crowdfunding banners should be 2056 px wide and 514 px tall.
  • Separate banners are needed when posting on Facebook and on mobile devices. Recommended image size for Facebook/mobile banners is 940px wide and 492px tall for high resolution. Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, or GIF.
  • If you choose to use your own banners, click the "Upload a custom banner" link to upload your banners.

How do I set up my payments processing?

  • All campaigns must use WePay for payments processing.
  • If you have an existing WePay account with FundEasy, you can choose the payment account or create a new one from Campaign Details.
  • If you haven't used WePay with FundEasy, click the create a new WePay account link in the Payment Processing section of the Campaign Details.
  • There are 4 steps to creating a WePay account:
    • Creating or logging in with your WePay User name. 
    • Adding a WePay account (this includes the soft descriptor, or name that appears on credit card statements)
    • WePay's verification process, called "Know Your Customer"
    • Establishing a settlement method and settlement frequency. You can choose direct deposit or mail check. Daily, Weekly, or monthly. Daily is not available for Settlement by check.
    • Usually you can step through this process very easily. This article has more information

Managing your campaign

How do I open my Crowdfunding campaign? When you created your Crowdfunding campaign, you had the choice to open your campaign immediately or to choose a specific date or time. Your campaign will open based on that choice. 

If after your campaign opens you decide to close it, go to the Campaign Dashboard and click the Public Registration dropdown and choose Not Open Yet, Open, or Closed. Or click the dropdown next to the name of your event in the top menu toolbar. To open it again, you'll need to change the setting to open the campaign manually and then change the Public Registration dropdown to Open.

Where do I find the link for my event?

  • The link to your campaign is on the lower part of your Dashboard. Click the gauge icon in the upper left corner to go to your Dashboard.
  • You can also click the loudspeaker icon in the lower left icon to open a modal with with your campaign's promote tools.

Does this campaign have fundraiser pages? No. Crowdfunding campaigns are not peer-to-peer campaigns. Instead there is one Crowdfunding Campaign Web Page where your donors can go to make their gift for your organization.

Does this campaign have a fundmeter? I don't see it on the Campaign Web Page.
Yes, it does have a fundmeter. If you have chosen a delayed start day and time, the thermometer and the give button will be replaced by the countdown clock. Once your delayed start day and time is reached, your thermometer and give button will appear. Note: the thermometer does not start to fill until you have raised 1% of your goal. 

Where do I find my donors? Your donors are listed in Campaign Donations. Click the dollar sign icon in the left toolbar. This report shows their donation information and the status of their payment. This report is similar to the Transaction Report in traditional Peer-to-Peer events.

How do I edit my donors?

  • To edit personal information for your donor, go to Campaign Donations (the dollar sign icon) and click the hyperlink under their name. This will open the person profile in another window. Click the Edit icons to edit personal information.
  • To view or refund transactions, click the chevron [v] to the right of the donor's name
Will my donors get receipts? Yes, you donors will receive an emailed receipt of their donation automatically. 
Can I resend receipts? Yes, from the Campaign Donations section, find the person's name in the list and click the chevron [v] to the right of the name. You'll find the option to resend the receipt there.
What does it say on their credit card statement? Will it have the name of our organization?
The soft descriptor that you created when you created the WePay account will show on your donors' credit card statements. To see your soft descriptor for your WePay account, click your logo in the top right corner of your FundEasy account, then choose WePay.
Can I add offline donations? Yes, for offline donations, we've added a "Starting Balance" field in Campaign Details. You can enter an amount there any time. To update an existing balance, simply edit the balance amount entered here to include any new offline donations. This article has more information.

What are the fees for my Crowdfunding campaign? 

  • The credit card processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30/transaction.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns have a 0-4% platform fee because you can pick from two options:
    1. FREE - No Platform Fee (Donors will be given the option to "Pay It Forward")
      This option has a 0% platform fee and donors are asked to consider giving a tip to FundEasy. Donors are not given the option to cover the processing fee, as shown below:
    2. Standard Crowdfunding Platform Fee (Donors can cover 100% of all fees)
      This option has a 4% platform fee. Donors are not asked to consider giving a tip, but they will be given the option to cover the processing and platform fees, as shown below:
Where are my deposits?
  • From Campaign Donations, click View Settlements. 
  • Each row is a separate settlement. Click View Details to open that settlement for more detailed information.
  • The entire settlement report is exportable to a CSV file. Individual settlements can be downloaded by clicking into that row in the settlement report and then clicking Export.
  • This article has more information about WePay Settlements.