To start setting up your event, you'll begin with the Event Details. The event information you add here fills in your web and email templates for you, so you'll need to add this information before moving on to other parts of your event setup. You can always come back to this screen to make changes.   

The fields in Event Details are similar for AttendEasy and FundEasy. Below are the AttendEasy fields. You'll find FundEasy-specific information near the bottom of the page.

  • Title
    Title and Subtitle 
    • The name of your event
    • Theme / Tagline
  • Date & Time
    1. Click the date text box to add or edit the date of your event. 
      Event Date
    2. If you need more information than just the date and the time, click Edit below those fields to change how your date and time appears on your templates. Just type it in.  To make a line break, add <br> where the line ends.
      Edit Date
  • Location
    • Type in the location to use the Google lookup, or type in the location manually.
      Location Search
    • Parking Instructions
  • Promotional Information
    1. Attendance Goal - Number of people you hope will attend your event. We'll use this number to show the registration progress on your dashboard.
    2. Event Description - Since the variable for this section is automatically on your Event Web Page and Invitation email, what you add here will show on those templates.
    3. Event Website link - the link to your website with more information about the event. When someone completes registration, this is the page they will be taken to. By default, we use your Website in your Account Information.
    4. Donation Website - AttendEasy Only - the link for your own giving page. If you'd like to add a Give button to your invitation email, put the link for your giving page here, and the Give button will magically appear on your invitation template. Leave this blank if you don't want to have the Give button on your invitation email.
    5. Show More Options - AttendEasy Only
      • Speaker Information
      • Master of Ceremonies
  • Points of Contact
    • Event Coordinator - This is the person primarily responsible for managing your event. They will receive all important email notifications about the event from Ministry Sync.
    • Event Contact Person - Appears as the main point of contact on all event web pages and emails.
  • Meal Choices - List your meal options and descriptions for your menu options. Read more about editing and reporting on meal choices here.
    Meal Choices 

FundEasy Only

  • In FundEasy you have these additional date and time options:

    FundEasy Date Settings

    1. Set start date for all participants to have a ‘shotgun start’. The default is set to ‘Anytime’ which means participants can start raising funds as soon as they register. If you choose a start date, your participants can register for the event and set up their pages, but their donors will not be able to make a donation until the start date.
    2. Fundraising Deadline for all participants changes the Fundraising Deadline to have a ‘finish line’ other than your event date/time.
    3. All FundEasy pages will eventually be taken down. By default, every page will remain active for one month after your Event. You can extend this length of time from the Fundraiser Pages Expire dropdown.
  • Twitter Hashtag - FundEasy only.
    The Twitter Hashtag searches for any time your hashtag is used on Twitter and will put that feed on your Event Web Page. Make sure that you check Twitter to see if anyone is already using that hashtag before adding a hashtag.
  • Event Website - This is the link for your own website or a different page with more information on your event. If you're a Young Life organization, this is where you'll put the link for your giving page. This article has more information for Young Life events.
  • Organization Information - FundEasy only
    1. Public Organization Information - add a description of your organization which will appear on your Event Website and your participants' pages. 
    2. Organization Tax ID - We'll add this to your sponsor receipts, and let donors know their gift is tax deductible on your FundEasy donation pages. 
  • Roles - Choose the terms you'll use for your Liaisons, Participants, and Sponsors.
  • Registration Fees - This lets the support team know if your form needs to collect registration fees. We'll follow up with you to make sure your registration templates have all the correct information.
  • Fundraising goals for event and for participants.
  • You can also give participants permission to change their goal from their page.