Event Preferences in FundEasy include Participate and Donate buttons settings on your webpages, WePay processing fee settings, Teams, and email notifications. For information on AttendEasy Event Preferences, see this article.


Registration section

  • Allow anyone to register as a Liaison without an invitation (optional). If you have Liaisons enabled in this event, you'll have an option for Liaisons to register from the Event Web Page. When they click the Participant button, they will see the option to register as a Liaison or a Participant. Liaisons can continue to register as a Participant, if they choose, after they complete the Liaison form.
  • Allow anyone to register without an invitation - adds the Participate button to your Event Web Page. This option is selected by default.
  • Enable Participant Confirmation Emails - enabled by default
  • Enable Liaison Confirmation Emails - if Liaisons are enabled in this event, this option is enabled by default
  • Enable Participant Duplicate Checker for admin users - enabled by default. Admins registering participants from the admin side see the duplicate checker when registering participants who have used FundEasy in the past. 
Notification section
  • Notifiy the Event Coordinator when someone registers as a Participant (disabled by default)
  • Send a weekly summary email of page stats to Participants (enabled by default)

WePay Processing 

WePay offers the ability to have donors pay the processing fees for their gifts made through your WePay account. 

WePay Processing section

  • By default only donations and fees up to $250 can be covered. For more information on why, please see this article. If you would like to change this limit, please contact support.
  • When this feature is enabled, we'll add a checkbox to your payment form that asks donors or registrants if they would like to cover the fees. If they agree, the amount is added to their total.
  • For more information on WePay Processing fees, please see this article.


FundEasy has a powerful set of team management features that you can enable for your event. 

Team section

When you enable teams, you'll see these settings:

  • Allow participants to create their own teams in FundEasy either from the Registration Form or from the team tab on their FundEasy page
  • Allow participants to leave their team from the team tab on their page
  • Display Top Teams on every page
  • Limit the total number of teams in the event
  • Limit the number of members who can join a team
Learn more about managing your Teams and Captains here.

Updated 9/11/2018