Is is possible for a FundEasy page to not show on the Leaderboard or in Search results?

By adding the Private Page preset field to your registration form, your registrants can make their pages private. Private pages can only be accessed by the URL of the page or from inside Ministry Sync.

When would I use a Private Page?

Some FundEasy participants don't want their pages to show publicly. For example, sometimes children would like to fundraise, but their parents don't want their names to show on the leaderboard or in search. Private pages are only accessible from the URL of the page. Other uses are to hide an admin or a general donation page that the fundraiser sets up in the event. 

How do I enable private pages?

From the Registration Form Editor in your FundEasy event, follow these steps

  • Click the preset field pulldown and scroll down near the bottom of the list of options. 
  • Select FundEasy_IsPrivatePage. 
  • Click Add
  • Click Done
  • If you don't want this option to show on your registration form, then click the "eye" icon to hide the field.
  • Otherwise, drag the field from the bottom of the form to somewhere above the submit button.
  • Click  Done
Even if the field is hidden on the registration, participants will still have the option to change this setting from the Profile settings section of their FundEasy pages. This option is available in Profile settings only if the field has been added to the registration form. Admins cannot make a private page public. This setting is controlled by the participant.


Participants with Private Pages have a note in the column browser below their name to show their page is private. To see this note, make sure you have filtered the column browser to show participants below and then check the participant's name on the bottom of the column browser.