To access reports in FundEasy, choose Reports & Exports Reports&Exports in the Event Tools menu on the left. This opens the Reports Menu.

Reports List

Tip: The side menus on the left are collapsible to save space. Just click on the bottom of the column to open or close the side menus. Don't forget to scroll to the right or export the report to see all the information. There are quite a few columns on many of these reports. 

Event Summary: This report summarizes all of your event statistics in one helpful overview, including:

  • Event Details
  • Registration Summary
  • Participant Revenue
  • Participant Payment Status
  • Donor Revenue
  • Donor Payment Status
  • Top Performers in Teams, Liaisons, and participants
  • Event Sponsors

Sort your event summary by date range to see how your event progresses from week to week. Print out your summary weekly to compare it with the same week in past events.

Liaison List: This report is a detailed list of all your Liaisons. It includes their registration information as well as subtotals for the number of Participants they have recruited and how much those Participants have collectively raised.

Participant List: This report is a detailed list of all your Participants containing their registration information and Donor statistics like how much a participant raised and percentage of their goal. Use this report to find shirt sizes, registration types, and what team Participants are on. Turn off the Donor Stats to export or print a list of all your Participants and their contact information.

Donor List: This report is a detailed list of all your Donors containing their payment information. This is the same as the Donor list with Show Fundraisers unchecked in legacy Ministry Sync.

Donor Matrix: This is the same as the Donor List with Show Fundraisers checked in legacy Ministry Sync. The Donor Matrix is a detailed list of all your Donors and the people they sponsored. It shows their registration information, payment status, and subtotals of connecting Participants. 

Team List: This report is a detailed list of all your teams containing the total number of Participants, Donors, and amounts raised from each team.

Online Bank Deposits (Stewardship Technology customers): The Deposit History section shows all your bank deposits. You can expand each deposit to view its batch of transactions. The Pending Transactions section can be expanded to show all successful online transactions that have yet to be deposited. Pending transactions can take up to 5 business days to clear the banking system. More information.

WePay Transactions (WePay customers): This section contains lists of all your Approved, Pending, Refunded, and Chargedback transactions. For a list of which payments are on each settlement to your bank account, click the View WePay Settlements button on the WePay Transactions page or log in with your admin access to More information.

Participant Summary Sheets: (formerly called "Pledge Sheets") This report contains all of the Participants in your event. Check any number of Participants to generate a batch of summary sheets. Note: Offline transactions show in this report as "Not Paid" until they are received by the organization and marked as paid.

Custom Report Builder: A complete report of all your registrants shows by default. You can create your own custom reports by adding filters, changing columns, and sorting however you'd like. Save your reports for later and revisit them by selecting them from "Saved Reports". More Information.

Export Data to CSV: Exporting your event data to a CSV file is simple. Just select which fields you want to include and then export. This report will include registered, cancelled, and declined guests, so you'll want to include the Status column in your export.

Invoices and Receipts are in their own sections in the Event Tools menu.