You may be wondering about the best direction to take for your upcoming event.

Since every organization is different, there's no right way to set up and manage your event. We've compiled some of our most helpful and popular resources to help you think through your options. 

Thinking through the registration process:

Your event has a default registration form. If no changes are made, this is the form that your guests will use to register to your event. To view the default form go to Event Setup > Registration Form.

Note: registration forms don't automatically transfer from one event to another so if you'd like to import a customized form from a previous event, click here for more information. If your event is Pay-to-Attend and requires registration fees and/or sponsor options, please let the Support team know as additional customizations will be needed.

Below are sample registration forms that have worked well for a variety of events. These can quickly be copied into your event on request. 

Sample Attendance Registration Forms:

Sample Peer-to-Peer Registration Forms:

If you find that neither the default form nor the sample forms above quite suit your event needs, the articles below are intended to help you think about available customizations that can be made. Working through the setup questions will help you to provide the Support team with the necessary information to make the desired changes.

More to explore: 

If you're in the early stages of event planning and you're not quite sure what your event will look like, here are some additional resources to check out. 

Our Knowledge Base contains information about different types of events as well as step-by-step instructions for getting set up. 

Click here to go to our Knowledge Base home page to search by topic or keyword, or click on one of the articles below to get started.

Our blog is filled with advice from our staff who have been in your shoes! From how to increase fundraising to setting up an event timeline to helping you manage important tasks, it's got tons of management tools and event tips!

Click here to head to our blog and conduct your own search by keyword or check out some particularly relevant blog articles we've put together: