Register a new host
Create a new group without registering a new host
How do hosts manage more than one group?
Promote guests to hosts
Main Contacts
Move hosts from one group to another 
Cancel or demote a host

Register a New Host

To register someone as a host from the admin side of Ministry Sync, click the Register Person icon Register Person in the bottom of the Event Tools Menu on the left then on the modal window choose Host. This will register them to the event, send them the Host Manager email, and create their group. 

Create a new group without registering a new host:

Not all groups need to have a host. You can create a new group when you have a host who is managing more than one group, or if you have a group that doesn't have a host. 

  1. Click the Options [ v ] link to the right of the word Group, or click Add at the bottom of the Group column.
  2. Click New Group. This will open a modal window
  3. Type in a new group title in the pop-up.
  4. You also have the option to make a group private to hide it on the Registration Form
  5. If you are using folders in your event, there will be a dropdown to create or choose the folder. 
  6. If you need to set or edit a group limit you can add the limit and add instructions on how the registration form will handle a registration that when the limit is reached.
  7. Smart Groups bring custom searches to Manage Registrants. Smart Groups are under construction and will need to be created and edited from the Old Group Manager in Event Tools. This article in the old Ministry Sync Knowledge Base has more information about Smart groups
  8. To edit this group later, Click Options > Edit Group in the right corner of the group.

Promote a guest to host

You can make an already registered guest a host by using the promote option in the [ V ] button menu next to their name. Groups can have more than one host.

  1. Click the [ V ] button next to their name.
  2. Click the option to make them a host. This will open the Promote to Host window. 
    Promote To Host
  3. Select whether they will host the group they are currently in or if they will be the host of a new group.
  4. If they will be hosting a new group, you can name the group from the same window.
  5. The host will automatically receive the Host Manager email unless you uncheck the Send Host Instructions box. If there isn't an email address in their profile, you'll be able to add one from here. 

Main Contacts

  1. The host of a new group is automatically the Main Contact for the group. Generally, this person is considered to be the group contact. Only one person can be the Main Contact. The Main Contact for the group is indicated by a star next to their name.  
  2. Groups can have more than one host, but only one person can be the Main Contact. so when you're promoting someone to be the host of a group, leave the Main Contact box unchecked if this person will not be the main contact.

Move a host from one group to another

You can move people between groups from the Action pulldown or by dragging and dropping them from their group to their new group. This article covers moving people in more detail. When you move someone from one group to another, you have the option to send a notification email to those hosts to let them know their group has been changed. This is turned on by default, but can be disabled in Event Preferences.

When you move hosts to other groups, you should be aware of these things: 
  1. Hosts will get new group and table assignments.
  2. The host will need a new host manager email to manage their new group.
  3. Hosts may lose their main contact status.
  4. The name of the current group and the name of the group they are moving to may change.
  5. Remember not all groups need to have a host. If your host is managing more than one table, leave all their guests in one group so they can manage their group with the same email. After you close your event, you can split the group into multiple groups under the host's name, but with the host only in one group.
  6. If you need to move one person, and others are checked too, you need to break up their party. You can do that from the chevron menu [V] or by mousing over their name and then clicking the party tag.

Cancel or demote a Host

 Before canceling a host's registration you must first demote them.

  1. Click the [ V ] button next to the host's name.
  2. Choose Demote to Guest.
  3. Confirm that you're demoting this host.
  4. Host will be demoted.
  5. The name of the group will remain the same. If you need to rename the group, click the Option link in the upper right corner of the group.