Hosts can have more than one table on the table chart; however, the host can only manage one group with their Host Manager email. In order for your hosts to be able to manage all their invitees, we recommend that you wait until the event has closed to move guests out of the host's group.

When you have closed your event:

  1. Create additional groups for your host by clicking the Add link at the bottom of the Event Tools Menu to create and name their Group. Naming it something like Smith, John #2 helps keep the Groups together in your alphabetical list. Your host's additional groups do not need to have a host assigned to that Group.
  2. Select and move the guests to the new Group.
  3. You can hide additional Groups on the Registration Form by making them private if you need to create them to remind you that a host is going to have more than one table before you close your event. You'll find the privacy settings for Groups by clicking the name of the Group, Options, and Edit Group.