If you have used Ministry Sync in the past, you can import a Registration Form to your new event. That can save time in getting your event set up. Remember, if you find that you need changes, especially for show and hide actions or pricing, the support team is happy to help.

  1. First, make sure that no one has registered to your event. If you have registrations, importing a form will remove any of the custom registration data that is in their profiles.
  2. Go to Event Setup > Registration Form in the event that you are setting up.
  3. Click Import Form in the upper right Options menu.
  4. Choose the past event from the list that you want to import and click Import.
  5. Verify that you want to erase everything in the current Registration Form and replace it with the form you are importing.
  6. Stand by while the form imports. You'll see a green alert when the form has finished importing.
  7. Click Preview to see what your Registration Form looks like.