The Registration form can be edited from Options > Edit Form Fields, however not all tools are available to admin users. If you need actions (hiding and showing fields), pricing, date changes, etc. please contact Support.

Registration Form Basics

  • Options > Import Form - Copy in a form from a past event. Please note: complex forms may need some adjustments from the Support Team to work correctly. Don't hesitate to contact Support if you need help with a form with pricing or actions when options are selected. This article has more information on Importing a Form. 
  • Options > Edit Form Header - the form header contains your event title, date, and time. This information comes from your event details and usually does not need to be edited.
  • Options > Edit Form Fields
    • Each row in the Registration Form has 3 options: Require (red asterisk), Show/Hide (eye), and Edit (pencil). 
    • First Name, Last Name, and Gender fields are always required in our database.
    • If you don't need a field, click the Show/Hide icon to hide the field. Note: if your form has been customized by the support team, some fields might show or hide based on options that are chosen on the Registration Form. The support team is happy to help you with these changes.
    • Each field has a title that shows on the form. Other field options that show on the form are available by clicking Show additional field options.
    • Each field also has a field name. This name shows in the field list in the Custom Report Builder and also as column headers in reports. Field names cannot include special characters or spaces.
    • Fields like dropdowns and multiple choice have Data Values and Descriptions. Descriptions are the text that shows in the dropdown or multiple choice options on the form. Data Values are the answers that show in your reports. It's very important that your Data Values give you the answers to the questions that you need. If the support team has customized your Registration Form, changing the Data Values may break your Registration Form.
  • Adding fields - you can add additional fields from the Preset Fields list or from the Custom Fields list to the left.
    • Preset fields are ones that are system fields that are saved in the main portion of a registrant's profile or that have built-in actions on the Registration Form, like Payment Method or Register Additional People.
    • Single Line Text is a text box - standard textbox size is 35
    • Multiline Text is a text box with room for comments - 30-35 is a good width and 3 is a good height. 
    • Dropdown menu should be self explanatory, but don't forget to add a Select row with no data value. Otherwise, everyone may accidentally choose the same option.
    • Checkbox
    • Multiple choice or radio buttons
    • HTML or plain text

Updated 7/20/18