The Event Dashboard provides an overview of your event in one spot. It is easily accessible by clicking on the name of your event in your Event List or from the [ V ] button menus for your event on the Home page and in the My Events list.

The Dashboard includes:

  • Overview tab
    • Registration Summary
      • Number of attending registrants
      • Number of cancelled registrants
      • Public Registration - where you can open and close your event, edit the wording on your Registration Closed page, or if you've set a limit on your registration in Event Details, you can edit that here.
      • Total Raised (FundEasy) shows the fundraising total for your event. 
      • Total Revenue (AttendEasy) shows the total raised for your pay-to-attend AttendEasy event.
      • Number of Days remaining until your event.
    • Several interactive charts are available, depending on the type of your event. Each slide the handles in the upper right or left corners of the chart to zoom in on the chart by date.
      • Registration Progress (AttendEasy) shows the registration totals for your event.
      • Live Attendance Breakdown (AttendEasy) - After your event, your Live Attendance statistics will be listed here.
      • Revenue Progress (AttendEasy Pay to Attend only) shows the amount of money paid for this event.
      • Fundraising Progress (FundEasy only) shows your event's fundraising totals.
    • Promote Your Event has the link to your event to post on your website and buttons to share your event on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn
    • Event Details - Your event details are outlined here, and we've provided a quick link for editing. You can also find the link to Edit Details in the Event Setup section in the Event Tools pulldown in the upper left side of your event menu bar. More on Event Details.
  • To-Do List tab - As always, each to-do list starts with the basic tasks to launch your event. You can also create and assign new to-dos from here and copy in lists from previous events.