All your available web and email templates, other than your Registration Form, are listed in the Web & Email templates section of Event Setup. From here you can preview your templates or make edits if necessary. For information on FundEasy Web & Email Templates see this article.

Remember most of the edits to your templates are made from Event Details.
When you look at your templates, you'll see they include variables, called Data Fields (the words surrounded by percent signs). These variables pull in the information from your Event Details, and in some cases, from the profiles of your contact person and guests. Each template includes a link to add more Data Fields to your templates.

This list shows what you'll find in Web & Email Templates. We've given you a sample page in this section. Changing global content on this page, such as event description, banners, date & time, etc., can be done by editing Event Details, AttendEasy Event Preferences, or Event Design. Other edits can be made from the Edit Template button in the upper right corner.

AttendEasy Web Templates

  • Event Web Page - The Event Web Page displays the details about your event and provides a button for people to register. Consider it as the ‘home’ for your event on the web. 
  • Registration Complete Page -This page is displayed after people submit your registration form. It confirms their registration and can be used to provide any additional event information. 
  • Declined Complete - This page confirms when someone declines to attend your event.
  • Registration Not Open Yet - This page will be displayed to anyone who tries to register to your event if public registration is set to ‘Not Open Yet'. Provides contact information for those who have questions.
  • Registration Closed - This page will be displayed to anyone who tries to register to your event if public registration is set to ‘Closed’. Like the Registration Not Open Yet page, this page provides contact information for your event for those who may have questions.
  • Host Manager - If you’re utilizing the Host Manager, then each host will get their own web page that allows them to invite and register guests directly to their group. You can add custom instructions or information to this page.

Email Templates

  • Invitation Email - Send invitation emails from Email & Invitations > Send Invitations
    • Generally, the information on these templates comes from the information you added in Event Details. To add a Give button to this template, add the link for your donation site to your Event Details.
    • Hosts are able to send invitations to their friends from their Host Manager. You can turn off this feature by unchecking the box that says, "Allow hosts to send email invitations" in the Host Manager template.
    • Invitations Emails show they are sent from the user who is logged in and sending the email. We use the %HostEmailAddress% variable so the email will show the host's email address. If you edit the "From" address for a bulk mailing, be sure to change it back to %HostEmailAddress% when you have finished so the host's address will show when they invite their friends. This article has more information.
    • More information about Sending Invitations is available here.
  • Registration Confirmation Email - Every new registrant will receive this email immediately upon registration. You can disable this feature in Event Preferences.
  • Invitation Declined Email - This email will automatically be sent to people when they decline an invitation email. You can disable this feature in Event Preferences.
  • Host Manager Email - Every new Host will receive this email immediately upon registration. You can disable this feature in Event Preferences > Host Information Email (?)
  • Host Notification Email - Notify your hosts when you move someone in or out of their group. You can choose which host gets the email as you move them. Or to turn off the notifications altogether, go to Event Preferences > Host Notifications.

FundEasy Web & Email Templates

See this article for more information on FundEasy Web & Email Templates.