By default, Ministry Sync allows donors the option to cover their own processing fees for donations of $250 or less.  Why the limit?  Although it might sound like a nice idea to allow donors to cover the fees for any size gift, we believe that this might actually deter large gifts as the fees could be very large.

For example:

If someone is giving a $50 donation on FundEasy, it's not a big deal to add another $3.75.  However, if someone wants to give you $1,500, asking them to cover the fee of $103.80 might cause the donor to rethink his donation.  

Our philosophy is: if someone wants to give you a large gift, "strike while the iron's hot" and don't let fees get in the way of making that donation happen.

Since most donations tend to be $250 or less, we think of this feature as a protection for your organization -- allowing you to save money on processing fees for the smaller donations, but at the same time not getting in the way of detering large donations.

Of course, for AttendEasy events, where someone is paying a registration fee or hosting or sponsoring tables, you may need to raise or remove the limit.

If you would like the limit changed to a higher amount or removed altogether, contact Ministry Sync support so we can adjust it for you as needed.